Newsletter – November/December 2017


A SPECIAL MEETING of Far Hills Lodge #784 F&AM is called for Wednesday, December 6, 2017, for the purpose of the annual Installation of Officers for the 2017-2018 year. Dinner will begin at 6:00 PM with the opening of Lodge at 7:00 PM.

Thank You for your support in electing me Worshipful Master for 2018. I hope to continue the upswing we have begun and have more of you interested in attending YOUR Lodge.

Change is hard for some but in the case, it was warranted. If we want OUR Lodge to continue we had to make changes for its survival. We must give it every chance to work because if it doesn’t we will be looking at an empty building. We must continue to look for those men who we think will make good Masons. We must look to our younger members, to help them and support them. They are the Future of OUR Lodge. We are here to pass the torch to them. To share our history and prepare them to make their own history.

We will be planning events on stated meeting nights. Hopefully it will include degree work, but it might be as simple as just going out to dinner as a Lodge. The first event will be the installation of the 2018 Officers. As this is the most important event of the new year, I want to kick it off with a BANG!

I will be providing a catered dinner to everyone attending the event. There is no cost for the dinner, BUT YOU MUST R.S.V.P.  That means send in the card! I have included a post card [in the Nov/Dec Newsletter mailing] for you to fill out, put a stamp on it and send it to me no later than November 27, 2017. That evening will include an OPEN installation. I want your ladies and families to come see OUR Lodge. To see where to go to “those” meeting, and to enjoy the events of the evening. The goal is to fill the Lodge room like we did in years past.

Next will be our first New Stated Meeting night on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13. We will be conferring the Master Mason Degree. This meeting will begin at 7:00 PM. We are still looking for a few Craft positions to be filled.If you can help, please contact me ASAP.


If you have some free time to help with regular maintenance to YOUR Lodge, please let us know! WB Tom Spettle is always in need of a few hours of general help around YOUR Lodge. Saturday work days seem to bring out the same 5-8 people. If we keep ahead of our little maintenance issues, we will not need to steal a nice spring or fall Saturday from your busy weekends.

Speaking of helping… Dayton-Victory Chapter, OES is again teaming up with Far Hills Lodge to prepare meals for our First Responders over the Christmas Eve/Christmas Day holiday. We will be providing meals for those who are working to protect us and provide us with public services while away from their families! WE NEED YOU to come and help us out.

Donate a few hours of your time on these two days and help show what Brotherly Love truly is. It begins at 4:00 PM Christmas Eve and runs through 7:00 PM Christmas Day. We all can donate a couple of hours for this great community cause! Please contact me and let me know when you can work!

Finally, watch your regular mail and EMAIL for Lodge information and updates. If you do not receive Lodge information by EMAIL, please send me your EMAIL address to A hard copy of the newsletter will be sent out every other month. [And posted to the web site when provided to the web master in a timely manner.]

We look forward to a fun and eventful Masonic year. We hope to SEE YOU in YOUR LODGE!

Again, thank you for your support!
John Bull, Jr.
937-760-8853 /

The New Far Hills Lodge

The Stated meetings of this Lodge shall be on the second Wednesday of each month except July and August. The hour of assembly shall be 7:00 o’clock PM. Special meetings may be called as provided by Section 21.03 of the Code. When a Stated meeting falls on a legal holiday it may be held on the following Wednesday of the month or on another agreed upon day.

Lodge Education Officer

– Thomas R. Spettel

Every member now has the opportunity to learn more about Freemasonry. The Grand Lodge Education Committee has prepared booklets for each of the degrees. These booklets are available to all brethren of the lodge. Come to lodge or call Tom Spettel @ 937-602-4270


– Richard L. Coy

DUES ARE IMPORTANT TO THE SUCCESS OF THE LODGE and THE GRAND LODGE CHARITIES. Dues are important to the success of the Lodge and the Grand Lodge charities.

Remember that after paying your dues for 2018 <strong>don’t look for a new dues card. You should already have it.</strong>

If you didn’t get a plastic dues card already for 2017 then you didn’t pay your dues for 2017.


As elected or appointed. See your mailed newsletter for email and phone contact information.

Worshipful Master
John E. Bull Jr.

Senior Warden
Eric M Bull

Junior Warden
Corey A. Leggett

James M. Simko Sr, PM

Richard L. Coy, PDDGM

Senior Deacon
Christopher L. Hanselman

Junior Deacon
James K. Hayes

Senior Steward
Jonathan M. Moeggenberg

Kevin A. Barry

William D. Riffle, PM

Lodge Education Officer
Thomas R. Spettel

Robert Koogler, PM
2017 – 2020

William D. Riffle, PM
2015 – 2018

Kenneth L. Smith, PM
2016 – 2019

Far Hills Lodge meets on the Second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM except holidays, July and August.

September 2017 Newsletter


  • Robert E. Koogler, WM

Brethren, as we approach the end of my year as WM and with the knowledge  that the lodge will be in good hands for the new year I can now join the ranks  of the Past Masters. I appreciate the work and effort of the officers to make  the lodge viable and for being patient with me during my wife’s illness.

A big change has been proposed and YOU as the members must decide if you are willing to make the changes and help Far Hills Lodge grow.


  • John Bull, Jr. Sr. Warden

Brethren! We are about to begin our new Masonic year! I have a lot of plans to make it exciting and worthwhile for you to come back to YOUR Lodge!

We will have two stated meetings in September. The first meeting is on the 14th and will be a business meeting which will include the second reading of the suggested changes to the by-laws of FHL.


ARTICLE II – Current

The Stated meetings of this Lodge shall be on the second and fourth Thursdays. The hour of assembly shall be 7:00 pm. Special meetings may be called as provided by Section 21.03 of the Code. When a Stated meeting falls on a legal holiday it may be held on …


The Stated meetings of this Lodge shall be on the second Wednesday of the month except July and August. The hour of assembly shall be 7:00 o’clock PM. Special meetings may be called as provided by Section 21.03 of the Code. When a Stated meeting falls on a legal holiday it may be held on the following Wednesday of the month or on another agreed upon day…

The officers will also conduct a practice of the EA degree on September 14.

The excitement will begin on September 28th with a free… Free… FREE lasagna dinner and the conferral of possibly 2 EA Degrees. I must have a head count so you must email me ( or call me (937-760-8853) to confirm your meal.

This will be the meeting that we vote on the new by-laws.

November 9, 2017 will be our annual meeting and election of officers for the 2017/2018 year.

We are looking for a few GOOD MEN to join the officer line. How would you like to be part of the exciting rebirth of Far Hills Lodge? Contact any of the officers listed in this newsletter for information.

Then the real fun begins on Wednesday, December 6, 2017. This will be our installation of 2018 officers of YOUR Lodge. This will be an OPEN installation so that the ladies, families and friends can attend. To help make this special we will have a fully catered meal for everyone to enjoy.

Both dinners above will begin at 6:00pm in the lower level social room of YOUR Lodge at no cost. We want to see you in YOUR Lodge. Come and enjoy social time with YOUR Brethren.


Brethren, Last June you voted to help the Far Hills Temple Board fund the resealing of our parking lot. Not only was it desperately needed but was greatly appreciated!! I even talked to some of you about donating to the second phase which is the main entrance off Far Hills Ave.

I am pleased to inform you that we have reached an agreement with Dr. Paley (our neighbor next door) to split the cost of those improvements. Now it comes to us. We need to raise about $4,000 to complete this project. Those that I talked to, it’s now time to help with those offers to help.

Last spring, I started a funding plea which I’m sorry to say didn’t produce what we had expected in funding. I KNOW WE ALL CARE!!! Now is the time to help support YOUR lodge and YOUR Temple Board in repairing our entrance.

Please send a donation in today. You can send it to the Lodge, to the Temple Board or to me and I will see that it goes to the proper place. We are trying to improve YOUR LODGE and we need YOUR HELP!!


P O BOX 292491

DAYTON, OH 45429


Robert Paul Kilian

Born: 10/7/1918

Raised: 6/7/1964

Departed: 8/18/2017

William Voss Irwin

Born: 7/6/1942

Raised: 5/21/1985

Departed: 7/25/2017


  • Thomas R. Spettel

Every member now has the opportunity to learn more about Freemasonry. The Grand Lodge Education Committee has prepared booklets for each of the degrees. These booklets are available to all brethren of the lodge. Come  to lodge or call Tom Spettel at 937-602-4270.


  • Thomas R. Spettel

The Far Hills Temple Association held a work day on Saturday, June 24, 2017. Coffee and donuts were furnished by WB Bill Riffle and lunch was furnished by Bro. John Bull.

Those brothers who gave of their time and energy were: WB Jim Simko, WB Bill Riffle, WB Tom Spettel, Bro. Chris Hanselman, Bro. Dick Crandall, Bro. Kevin Barry. Thank you all for your help and dedication to your lodge.

Projects completed: gutters on the south side of the building, trees trimmed south side of main driveway and along the rear driveway. West stairway was powered washed. All tree cuttings were disposed of.

The next work day will be held on Saturday, September 30, 2017. Projects include painting front porch railing; level the floor at the west stairwell and electrical work on the alter.

The usual coffee and donuts; and lunch will be provided.


  • Richard L. Coy




208th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of F & AM of Ohio

November 20-21, 2017

Dayton Masonic Center




Lodge is Dark Through August

Our next meeting will be September 14, 2017.

We will be voting on changing our meetings from twice a month to once a month, and changing our meeting date from Thursday to ?. Give this a lot of thought over the next two months, and we will see you in September.

Far Hills Lodge Newsletter: February-May 2017

From the East

Brethren, here is a very important calendar of events for the upcoming months. Besides the annual inspections for the lodges in our district we have the Grand Masters Reception, the Grand Masters One-day Class and a host of other events which include the 300th Anniversary of Freemasonry in the world.

There are listed, many dates for the practicing of the Master Mason Degree, for OUR inspection on Thursday, May 4th.

Bro John Bull, Senior Warden, has been working diligently, bringing in new petitions, new officers, arranging practices and trying to raise the awareness that there is a lodge here and we are trying to make a difference in the lives of our members.

Included with this letter is the results of the survey he sent out. We thank Bro John for his enthusiasm.

Please come out and help to make a difference.

Brethren, as a reminder your 2017 are:

  • Robert E. Koogler, Worshipful Master
  • John E. Bull, Jr, Senior Warden
  • Eric M. Bull, Junior Warden
  • William D. Riffle, PM, Senior Deacon
  • Corey A. Leggett, Junior Deacon
  • James M. Simko, PM, Treasurer
  • Richard L. Coy, PM, Secretary
  • Kevin A. Barry, Chaplain
  • Arthur G. Camp, Tyler
  • Christopher L. Hanselman, Sr., Steward
  • Thomas R. Spettel, PM, LEO
  • Kenneth Smith, PM, Lodge Trustee
  • William D. Riffle, PM, Lodge Trustee
  • John E. Bull, Temple Board Trustee

Second District Grand Masters Reception

The Grand Masters Reception will be held at the Dayton Masonic Center on Saturday, March 18, 2017. Doors open at 5:30 pm, Dinner at 6:30 pm, Program at 7:45 pm.

Grand Masters One Day Class

Last day to summit petitions is Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Grand Master Douglas N. Kaylor has announced that each of the twenty five Masonic Districts in Ohio will hold a Grand Master’s Class on Saturday, March 25. Petitions and investigations are to be handled in accordance with the usual rules as found in the Grand Lodge Code of Masonic Law.

Any Brothers proposing a candidate for the Grand Master’s Class should be sure that the individual is available on March 25 and on June 24, which will be the tercentennial celebration of Modern Freemasonry, which all Grand Master’s Class candidates will be expected to attend.

Candidates will be able to complete their degree work or to receive all three degrees of Symbolic Masonry at the Grand Master’s Classes.

Far Hills Lodge has five candidates at this time.

The Class in this area will be held at the Dayton Masonic Center. Registration begins at 7:00 am.

Far Hills Annual Inspection

The Annual Inspection will be held on Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Master Mason Degree. A dinner will be served prior to the inspection at 6:00 pm by the Ladies of Dayton-Victory Chapter, OES.

The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center

is ready to answer questions and to help.

Call 1-877-881-1623

In Memoriam

  • Paul Shartle, Jr. Born: 03/05/1920 MM: 11/16/1959 (57) Passed: 12/1/2016 (96)
  • Fount Deaton Born: 12/24/1924 MM: 11/09/1951 (65) Passed: 11/30/2016 (92)
  • Roland Cole Fisher Born: 05/26/1928 MM: 11/23/1951 (65) Passed: 11/03/2016 (88)
  • Thomas Arthur Louis Born: 04/21/1946 MM: 02/18/1992 (23) Passed: 01/23/2016 (70)
  • Paul Edward Myers Born: 01/20/1920 MM: 10/19/1953 (62) Passed: 04/2/2016 (62)

They rest from their labors

From the LEO

The Bible is the first object that the candidate feels under his hands and sees in the Lodge Room, and he soon learns through the lessons of the degrees and the learning he receives from his Mentor that there are many lessons to be learned from the Holy Bible on how to live a life, and why the Holy Bible is The Great Light of Freemasonry.

To close it would be, symbolically, to interrupt the rays of Divine Light which emanate from it. Therefore, before we can work Masonically, the Bible must be opened to indicate that the Lodge is not in darkness, but working by the light of that sacred volume.

The Bible is called the Great light of Masonry because without it on our altars of Freemasonry would be like an unlighted candle; a useful item that is not being used when it can provide so much enlightenment.

From the Secretary


By Brother and rev. John R. Selders, Pastor, Christ’s Church, Boardman, Ohio

My father was a Mason (a 32nd Degree and Knight Templar). He was also a great Christian. The Lodge had helped him grow spiritually. I saw Masonry as a marvelous adjunct to the church. Therefore, when I had saved up the money, I too became a Mason. The men who coached me in my degrees and many of my lodge brothers were also my church members. There was no conflict for them between the two. It never occurred to me that there would be a problem between the lodge and the church for anyone. Over the years it has become evident that some church folks are very negative about Freemasonry.

Some of this is due to misunderstanding of teaching and some due to outright lies that are perpetrated against Masonry. However, the major criticism is that Masonry is a religion and the Lodge is a church. This erroneous idea can be disproved in two ways:

(1) In the Installation Service for the Symbolic Lodge Chaplain the ritual reads, “though Masonry does not pretend to be a religious institution (church); yet she should be an auxiliary to whatever is good and great.” So, Masonry does not claim to be a church, regardless of the church-going habits of its members.

(2) In my present congregation there are many fine Masons including Past Masters, and others who have been removed by the Fraternity. These men are the “backbone” of our church. These great Masons are also grand Christians and most are in leadership positions. Here’s my question: If Masonry is a church, why are these distinguished Masons so faithful and active in Christ’s Church?

As you can see, there need not and should not be any conflict between the Lodge and the Church. The experience of this minister with Masonry has been very positive. Even as I desire to see men join our church, I desire to see them become Masons. I always promote Masonry, because it is a great auxiliary to the church.

From the West

John Bull, Jr, Sr. Warden

Brethren, Far Hills Temple will hold it’s annual inspection in the MASTER MASON DEGREE on Thursday, May 4, 2017. It takes 29 men to present this degree. All of the speaking parts have been filled, BUT we still need 10 Brethren to fill in the walking parts of the craft.

Please contact me ASAP at 937-760-8853 or if you an help us.

There will be three practices for the second section craft team. Monday, March 13, Monday, April 17 and a final rehearsal Monday, May 1.  They will begin at 6:30 PM with food and drinks provided.

Come out and be part of the fun and help raise our newest Member. Let’s provide him the same experience we all enjoyed being raised to the degree of Master Mason.

Far Hills Lodge Survey

Below are the results of the survey sent out in November 2016. Out of approximately 200 member we received 24 returned.

The overwhelming results show an interest in holding one stated meeting a month 16-2 with special meetings called when we have degree work or a specific reason.

The day of the week was divided almost equally on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Discussion will now begin on reducing our meeting from from two per month to one per month. Once decided a day of the week falls on those who have conflicts with a certain day of the week. We will open discussions during our Stated Meeting, Thursday, March 9, 2017.

Far Hills should hold meetings:

  • Once a Month ………………………………………………… 7
  • Twice a Month ……………………………………………….. 2
  • Once a Month & Special as Needed ……………….. 9

What night should we hold meetings (up to 2 choices):

  • Monday………………………………………………………….. 8
  • Tuesday………………………………………………………… 12
  • Wednesday…………………………………………………… 10
  • Thursday ……………………………………………………… 10
  • Friday…………………………………………………………….. 0

Social events:

  • Monthly Breakfast………………………………………….. 3
  • Monthly Lunch………………………………………………. 3
  • Monthly Dinner……………………………………………… 1
  • Quarterly Meal …………………………………………….. 13


John Bull, Jr, Sr. Warden

Thank You for participating in the Craft team for our annual inspection in May! I know everyone has a busy schedule and it takes pride and dedication to contribute to the team. So you can plan ahead, here is our practice schedule:

Monday, February 13:

Read through only in the social room like in January. Please try to be ready to read it without little help for the book.

Monday, March 20:

First walk through in the Lodge Room (with book if necessary).

Monday, April 10:

Complete walk through both sections. (No book.)

Monday, May 1:

FINAL REHEARSAL of both sections. (No book.)

Officers, we will be ready through practice of the first part during the stated meetings. AGAIN, thank you for making Far Hills a great lodge for all of us!