Senior Warden Announcements


As we approach the end of the 2017 lodge year, please mark your calendars for Thursday November 9th for the Far Hills Lodge annual meeting. There will be pizza served beginning at 6pm. Lodge opens at 7:00

This is when you get to learn who your officers are going to be for the upcoming year. You will also have a report from YOUR Temple Board on the status of the building.


Brother Art Camp our long time Tyler as you have read is having health issues, and is asking to step back form his Tyler duties. He would like to be a fill-in for the future. Thus we are looking for a good man to fill that position. We are also looking for 2 Stewards. If you are interested or know someone we should contact please let me know. yo can email me at, or call 937-760-8853.

Our future is NOW, We are excited about the day of our stated meetings and we will be having events on those nights. Please come out and come BACK TO YOUR LODGE!


MM Degree and Craft Call

We are preparing for a Master Mason Degree possibly on our 1st NEW Stated meeting night in December. Wednesday, December 13. The plan is to conduct the Fellow Craft degree next week. This gentleman is excited about joining and a possible Steward once he is raised.

We will be having a couple of practices in November. I am looking at Monday November 13 & Monday November 27 Both to begin at 6:30. Food will be served at 6:00.

Please let me know that you can do your current parts. I know we will replace 2nd base and I have a replacement for that. (Thanks Dan Wertz)

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your continued help on the Craft Team!

See you soon in Lodge!

John Bull, Jr. – Sr. Warden